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How to Become a Fitness Influencer
May 25, 2018
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How to Find Influencers for Your Brand
May 25, 2018
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How Instagram is Fueling Healthy Living

How Instagram is fueling healthy living_withlogo

Instagram has become a wonderland for health and fitness junkies. On any given day, you’ll find brands harnessing the platform’s viral capabilities to promote products. For most consumers, the picture-worthiness of a product is enough for them to take action. No wonder most businesses are trying their best to capture that perfect Instagram-worthy shot. Instagram

According to a new study, frequent exposure to healthy eating and good choice via social media drive changes to the eating habits of people. What’s interesting is that consumers are changing their habits not necessarily because they desire to live healthily. But because of seeing those updates regularly, they believe it is socially acceptable to do so.

Beyond those mouth-watering food shots, everything is getting brighter in the health and fitness niches. Pictures are more photogenic and captivating too. From gym outfits to post-workout smoothies, brands are doubling their efforts for creating “Instagrammable” photos.

In this post, we’ll talk about how Instagram has created a positive impact on our health.

How Instagram Changes Our Health

Significant Updates from Influencers

Whom you follow can affect the kind of lifestyle you choose to lead. Looking back, neglecting the need for a healthy lifestyle was easy. You could go on with your day without being reminded of living a healthy life. Now, log on to your Instagram account. Chances are, one of your peers has posted a photo of them joining a marathon. Or, a family member is participating in a meal challenge.

As far as health and fitness go, there is a multitude of credible people to follow who can influence your diet and wellness. Looking for new workout routines? Curious about that hot new aqua-yoga class? Trying to eat healthier while on a budget? Without a doubt, you will find someone targeting that niche.

Easy Access to Content

Users are becoming more informed seeing product endorsements, news and insights that relate to their interests. Instagram features like stories allow users to share clips of their activities. Some are sharing videos of them prepping their own meals while others are lifting heavy weights. New or challenging exercise videos are demonstrated via Instagram Live.

Timeline videos are also great for highlighting products. Instagram plays videos automatically and can be a minute long. These make them a breeze for viewers to get through. Updates in this kind of format can prompt a mere onlooker to act on what they are seeing. As a result, they are inspired to be the best in every aspect of their health and fitness.

Endless Stream of Information

Instagram is a great avenue to find educational posts. It is loaded with images and comments that can urge you to live a healthy lifestyle. As long as you follow the right brands on Instagram, you gain instant access to like-minded individuals. You learn things you may never have found out on your own. You discover personal endeavours that can relate to you and your life. You gain first-hand information that may just work for you.

Whether they are gym enthusiasts, smoothie lovers or smart eaters – there is always something you can pick up on their posts. What’s more is that you can try it for yourself. Healthy instagrammers can showcase their knowledge and experiences. They can also encourage everyone to become the best version of themselves.

Links to Tools and Technology

The bio section on an Instagram profile is the only place for clickable links. This may include your website link. You can also place linkable profiles and hashtags. The platform also offers the options to link to other pages you identify with right beneath your profile image.

These features allow brands to share their own health apps. Or highlight other apps that their audience will find useful. In most cases, using these tools and technology helps you to easily keep track of your health.

How can Your Brand Harness Instagram

Plan Ahead

Pick a niche and decide what you want your feed to be about. Find out which content will resonate with your audience then stick to it.

Focus on Value

Do not go looking around for photos that get the most likes. Otherwise, you will end up chasing ordinary visuals. Find where your talent lies and maximize it. Are you good at storytelling? Can you bring humor into healthy living?

Authenticity is Key

Posting impressive shots will certainly pique the interest of your followers. But it can only go so far. Your followers will also examine whether what you are posting is scientifically proven. If you are posting a new diet craze, they will want to find reviews that prove it is effective.

There are about a hundred and more ways you can use Instagram for your business. Amazingly, those who use Instagram as an extension of their brand are significantly growing their target audience. They are also improving their sales.

If you are you looking to promote your brand on Instagram, let’s discuss how we can do that for you.

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